iPadagogy – Bloom’s Taxonomy App Wheels

There are a couple of versions of this Bloom’s Taxonomy app wheel, basically the same principle but each with a different set of apps. Click either wheel to zoom in on the image.




Using iMovie in School

Following on from the Digital Learning Team’s App Attack session which featured iMovie, here are a couple of useful resources to help you get the most out of iMovie in the classroom.

The first item is a blog post  from @iPadWells explaining how to use iMovie effectively with pupils to make videos. Click this link to go to the tutorial.

The second item shown below is a video which highlights the new features of iMovie under iOS 7

Skitch Video Tutorials

Skitch is a free app from Evernote which allows learners to annotate and share images. Here are some short video tutorials explaining how to use Skitch.

(Video courtesy of http://mattbgomez.com/)

1 to 1 Working Party


QuizCast is the quiz app built for using iPads in the classroom!  QuizCast features customizable content, built-in assessment and helps manage multiple devices all at once.  QuizCast replaces clumsy classroom clickers and provides a richer, more engaging student experience.


Classroom Tools – My Whiteboard

Replace traditional Show-Me boards with an iPad version

A simple drawing program for enhancing classroom work.  This is a virtual whiteboard for the students of your classroom!  Its intended as a classroom tool for teachers to use to augment activities they have children doing in the classroom.





Penultimate – a jotter on the iPad

Penultimate is a simple app which allows students to write on the screen and then save what has been written in Evernote. Users can select from 3 different backgrounds: plain, lined and squared meaning that Penultimate can be used as a digital jotter. The app uses handwriting recognition so all notes can be searched for specific keywords.

Notes created with Penultimate can be shared directly with Edmodo allowing homework to be submitted in 3 clicks. Notes can also be exported as PDF files.

penultimate-1 penultimate-2

penultimate-3 penultimate-4

ClassDojo Support Materials

Below is a collection of resources to help you get started using ClassDojoclassdojo







Go here for a full list of ClassDojo videos on the ClassDojo YouTube channel

Go here for the official ClassDojo teacher resources

Edmodo Support Materials


Below is a collection of Edmodo support resources:

Edmodo Teacher Training Videos
Edmodo Teacher Training Videos


Edmodo Support Forums
Edmodo Free Online Support Forum


A guide to Edmodo in the classroom (Adam Otway) Part 1

A guide to Edmodo in the classroom (Adam Otway) Part 2