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1:1 Speed Dating CPD

We held a speed dating CPD where staff attending were asked to share an app with each partner, describing its uses in learning in 90 seconds.

Staff were then asked to identify the one app they had learned in the session about which they were most interested in. The list of most popular apps is shown below:

Speed Dating Resources


Edmodo – Using Edmodo in the classroom

Edmodo is a fantastic tool for homework but it can also be very useful in the classroom.  Below is a step by step guide to using edmodo to send and receive completed work on the ipad.

Before you start

  • You will need the app Adobe Reader
  • You will need to save any worksheets/work books as PDF files (you can change word files to pdf by FILE – EXPORT – EXPORT AS PDF)

How to set an activity using Edmodo

  • Create a new post/assigment with the pdf worksheet/workbook attachedImage
  • Pupils should click on the worksheet/workbook at press open in another app


  • Choose open in adobe Reader.  This will now allow you to edit the document


  • The pen can be used to circle correct answers or match up features


Adobe reader will also allow you to type on the document


When the worksheet is completed this should be saved then press Open in another document and choose edmodo


This is a great way of receiving completed work that can then be stored as evidence.


Tellagami is an animation app that will allow you to create videos using an avatar.  This app is great for allowing pupils to demonstrate their understanding of a topic through creating videos with information they have to input.  Pupils can choose to record their own voice or type into the app the information they would like the avatar to say.


The app allows you to change the background to set the sceneImage

S2 and S3 pupils are currently using this app during their music lessons to create a series of video diaries as homework to demonstrate their understanding of the topic they are studying.  The videos can easily be uploaded to edmodo

Decide Now!

Decide Now! is a very simple free wheel spinner app. An obvious use is as a class random name picker, although it could be used to select any random choice eg which topic, type of activity.

Decide Now! is really easy to set up. Add a new wheel, enter data (eg names) and choose a colour scheme from the 8 available.

2014-01-25 15.55.39


Once the data has been added, spin the wheel…

2014-01-25 15.55.07

iPadagogy – Bloom’s Taxonomy App Wheels

There are a couple of versions of this Bloom’s Taxonomy app wheel, basically the same principle but each with a different set of apps. Click either wheel to zoom in on the image.



Penultimate – a jotter on the iPad

Penultimate is a simple app which allows students to write on the screen and then save what has been written in Evernote. Users can select from 3 different backgrounds: plain, lined and squared meaning that Penultimate can be used as a digital jotter. The app uses handwriting recognition so all notes can be searched for specific keywords.

Notes created with Penultimate can be shared directly with Edmodo allowing homework to be submitted in 3 clicks. Notes can also be exported as PDF files.

penultimate-1 penultimate-2

penultimate-3 penultimate-4