Using Evernote for Learning Intentions

After some discussion, the 1:1 Working Group felt that the most effective way to record learning intentions was with Evernote. Here are some instructions which should make this process a bit easier:

After downloading and creating an account, pupils will see the screen below:


They should now click on the ‘Notebooks’ tab.

They will now see the screen below and should now click (paper with a +) to add a new folder


They should now name their folder with the subject being taught.


Once they have named their folder they should click on it.


To add a new note simply click either in the centre (paper+) or the + in the top right hand corner.


To add the title, click the bar with the word “note”and then add text.


Now to add the learning intention or any other kind of text click “edit body of text”


Pupils can then add their learning intention, for your class, everday in the same note – simply leave a couple of lines between each one. You can also get pupils to take a photo of the learning intention if you feel that this is useful/appropriate – simply click the camera icon, take the picture and it will insert into the note.


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