Copying from Evernote to Edmodo

Here is a frame by frame guide to copying and pasting text from Evernote to Edmodo. This will allow pupils to post their work to you – you also get an email from Edmodo when someone posts on the wall, this contains all of the text the pupil has sent you – you could keep a record of pupil work or copy and paste it into a word document for a quick printing solution.


Find the note that you would like to copy. Place the cursor at the end of the article, then press the screen until the magnifying glass appears.

3 4

When you remove your finger from the screen you will have three options as shown above. To copy the whole note, click ‘Select All’. If you only want to highlight a smaller section adjust the little blue handles which appear in the corners of the selected area.

You will then be given the above options, select copy. You can now close Evernote.

5 6

Open Edmodo and select the relevant group and click on the posts option. Now click on the ‘+’ button and select ‘note’.

7 8

Now click on ‘please select recipients’. Select your group.

10 11

Click inside of the box so that the cursor appears. Again press and hold the screen until the magnifying glass appears. It will now give the option to paste, click on this button.


Your text will now appear.


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