1:1 Working Group – Wednesday 12th September

The 1:1 working group met on Wednesday lunchtime to share good practice of apps which have been used in the classroom so far.

Make Dice Lite

This app is an easy way to include Higher Order Thinking Skills into lessons. You can create various dice with question starters and with the shake of your ipad, a different combination of words will appear.

Make Dice Lite

Class Dojo

This is an effective method of recognising positive behaviour within a classroom. It can provide instant feedback to students and teachers can award or deduct points based on various criteria. This is a highly recommended app across schools and is a good way of motivating and introducing some positive competition into lessons.Class lists can be inputted and each student appears as an icon.

iPad Screenshot 2            iPad Screenshot 1

Sand Timer

If you are looking for a visual timer to use in class, the sand timer can be set to any time period and there are options available to change the stop sound.

Sand Timer 1

Random Name Selector

This is a good app for choosing students at random. Once the class list is inputted, it can be saved and used at a later date. It also has a feature to turn off selected students who may be absent from class.

Name selector


There was a discussion surrounding the best way for students to keep a record of learning intentions. The group felt Evernote may be the best way to do this and more information to staff will follow soon.

Additional Info

Usernames and passwords can be an issue when students are trying to sign up for various apps. Students can choose their own usernames and passwords as long as they can remeber them. Some suggestions around recording them in their phone or in a jotter incase they require them in the future. For apps like Edmodo it is helpful if students use their full name as the username so they can be easily identified by teachers when submitting homework etc.


Next meeting Wednesday 18th September 2013.


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